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This is a prototype house of 6429sq.ft—7174sq.ft floor area—of 
living space, 607sq.ft of two-car garage and an optional up to 
3463sq.ft of cellar, designed to go on a minimum of 100ft x 100ft 
lot. Minimally, a compact 3783sq.ft—footprint three-story design 
allows for a 20ft x 48ft swimming pool on a 35ft-deep side yard and 
a 10-car parking tiled pavement on the front yard. The ground floor,
a 2519sq.ft. living space, is an open plan containing essentially 
living, dining, kitchen and family hearth spaces arranged around a
stairway core, thus separating the more public living room from the 
more private family hearth in a logical linear space flow. The living 
room, a narrow 21ft x 46ft area with a touch of symmetry in a 31ft. 
tall barrel-vault concrete shell with a brick base, conveys an aura of
public on the one side, while on the other side, the combination of 
the family room and kitchen commands a homely presence. The 
second floor, 2215sq.ft, comprises essentially four self-contained 
bedrooms with bathrooms and walk-in closets—two smaller 
bedrooms, 340sq.ft. each, are sandwiched between the larger ones 
with picture-bay window alcoves, 693sq.ft to the front and 621sq.ft
to the rear. The master bedroom, 1117sq.ft, and the den make up 
the third floor, 1693sq.ft, not counting the terraces. The third floor
is an aluminum and glass penthouse set on top of the brick base, but 
recessed to allow roof terraces. Distinguishing feature of this house is 
the unique  and subtle architectonic combination of the barrel-vault 
concrete shell, the sloped penthouse, the terraces and the rectilinear
brick base.

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