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"BigFoot" is a skyscraper  1938 ft. tall above grade and
172 ft deep below. The outside perimeter is 830 ft  square. It is
 composed of two connected buildings - the foot building and the
core building.  All 14 sub-grade floors of the "foot" building
are attached to the core  building on 4 levels at 4 diagonal points. 
A ground-level inner vehicular access ring is responsible for the
seeming detachment of 10 above-ground-level floors of the "foot" 
building from the "core" building. However, at four compass 
points, 4 floors over the inner vehicular access ring, 4 
glass-encased "bridges" connect each of the highest 6 floors 
of the "foot" building to the "core" building. The 6 floors where 
the "bridges" occur, are all of the floors of the "foot" building 
that house a mall. This mall  tops a 17 level garage, 13 levels of 
which are below ground-level. The garage is 5205000 sq. ft and 
parks 13000 cars. Below the garage is one level of service rooms
that is 29 ft high. The "foot" building of "BigFoot" surrounds the
"core" building which is 8623000 sq. ft gross  of commercial 
space and 5135000 sq. ft of garage.  The core rises 136 stories
above ground level. High up above the 126th floor are three 
domes. The twin domes are lookout posts, while the highest dome
caps a 3 floor revolving restaurants. Below the restaurants is a 6 
floor inverted dome  and neck that sits on the shoulders of the 
"core" building. Unlike the "foot" building and because of the 
greater height of the "core" building floors (14 ft to the garage's 
10 ft height), the "core" building is 12 floors deep. These 12 floors, 
including the 8 directly above them, are exclusively for retail 
business. The rest of the "core" building houses mostly offices.

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